Why Orange Electric?

Orange Electric is your local trusted electrical contractor. We were founded in 2014 which that means we are approaching our 10th anniversary and we are not going anywhere!

We are a proud member of the Cincinnati chapter of Independent Electrical Contractors which mean we employ well trained and licensed electricians. We offer continuing education to our employees.

We strive to keep up with latest code changes and industry trends and promise to never cut corners on any of our projects.

The latest industry trend is our focus on electrification. With this in mind our technicians and office staff are keeping up with the latest training on EVSE (electric vehicle service equipment), micro-grid technologies like Schnieder home and Simpliphi, along with energy management.

Regardless of your background, political affiliation, or even core beliefs; our government and industry decision makers have pushed all the poker chips in and have decided that electrification is our future. The problems we face are obsolete electrical distribution systems in your home (even in 99% of homes being build right now!) and a woefully inadequate utility grid. We stand poised to do our part to bridge the gap and guide you through the hurdles to the future of energy.