Standby Power

Standby Power

Orange Electric is proud to offer: sales, installation and service for Briggs and Stratton home standby generators, and Simpliphi energy storage systems.

Orange Electric has been your authorized Briggs and Stratton standby dealer since 2020.

While energy storage systems are the latests technology when it comes to standby power, it is helpful to know that it is complementary to traditional backup generators. When paired with a Briggs and Stratton generator, your battery backup can act as the main power source and your generator can kick on to top the batteries off when needed. This saves wear and tear on your generator and fuel all while putting a big load on your generator when it is running (this is a good thing!).

If you pair that scenario with the addition to solar panels, you will have a resilient system that can sustain your energy needs for indefinite periods of time.

Best of all, the batteries from Simpliphi have the safest chemistry in the industry, backed by a warranty that can't be beat, with both batteries and generators made in the USA by a company (Briggs and Stratton) who has been in business since 1908 and finally serviced for you by your local dealership (that's us!) Orange Electric.

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